Valkyrie Humbucker


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Introducing the Valkyrie set, new for 2022. When we came up with this set, we set out to blend vintage with modern, in order to create a pickup with really incredible versatility and tone. What we came up with truly achieved that goal.

The Valkyrie is wound using two different wire gauges, 42AWG in the slug coil and 44AWG in the adjustable pole coil, and that’s exactly what gives this set the versatility we sought. The bridge magnet is ceramic, and the neck is Alnico V, giving a classic blend of tones available at your fingertips. The ceramic bridge can breathe fire if you want it to, or you can dial back the volume and tone knob and warm up the tone significantly, while the neck is the perfect cheater pickup, making leads sound fluid and clean, and giving clean tones the warmth and glassiness you expect from a well-balanced neck pickup. 

The real versatility from this set comes when you explore coil tapping, as there are a range of different options available using a super switch or mini switches. Being able to mix a bridge 42 coil with a neck 44 coil, or vice versa, creates some really incredible tonal options, or you can choose to mix the 42 coils together in one position and the 44 coils in another. The possibilities are vast with the Valkyrie set.


Bridge – 11.942kohm, 6.755H inductance, 3.751nF capacitance, 2.02Q
Neck – 10.77kohm, 6.141H inductance, 4.128nF capacitance, 1.983Q

6 string demo clip with  Ceramic 8 (default), 42AWG coil towards the bridge:

6 string demo clip with  Ceramic 8 (default), 44AWG coil towards the bridge:

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 1.375 in