.strandberg* Boden Optimized Pickups


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Looking for a replacement pickup option for your .strandberg* Boden guitar that isn’t the typical active or rail pickup option? Our .strandberg* optimized replacement pickups are a great alternative! These pickups will give proper pole piece alignment, the pickups will fit in the stock route, and your pickups will have out patented Tuned Aperture, giving you the tone you’ve been looking for at an affordable price. We can build them in standard black soapbar style housings, or with custom plastic or wood covers, so you can complement the look of your instrument perfectly.

Photo courtesy of Dave Dunsire.

Our humbucker pickups feature 4 conductor wiring and pair perfectly with Bourns 500k potentiometers.

Offered in a dazzling array of options to meet your unique needs, if you want to further customize your .strandberg* Boden optimized replacement pickups, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1.5 in