Sentinel Rail Pickup



Need a pickup with the cutting midrange metal tone you crave? The Sentinel Rail Pickup is our take on the popular rail pickup. Adam, the owner of Elysian Pickups, started learning to wind by rewinding popular rail pickups, and had always wanted to take on the formula. When he invented the Tuned Aperture Pickup, he envisioned a rail version of it that made the Tuned Aperture part of the pickup fully visible. This made the pickup quite striking, and the appeal doesn’t just stop at the visual, as the Tuned Aperture rail in the Sentinel rail pickup also changes the magnetic aperture of the pickup, giving a wider magnetic field on the wider end of the rail, and a more focused magnetic field on the narrower end of the rail. By alternating the rails in the bridge position, we can focus the tone where we want it, changing the resonant peak of the pickup versus a traditional rail pickup.

By combining a lower output wind with powerful Alnico V rail magnets, we’ve created a pickup that can really punch your amp in the face, but still remains clear and precise, giving incredible sounding upper midrange and a very crunchy yet chunky low end. The standard 6 string 43AWG Sentinel rai comes in at 13.815kohm, 9.333H@1khz, 2.714nF capacitance, and 2.84Q.

6 string 43AWG demo clip:

7 string 42AWG demo clip:

Our rail pickups feature 4 conductor wiring and pair perfectly with Bourns 500k potentiometers.

Offered in a dazzling array of options to meet your unique needs, if you want to further customize your pickups, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 1.375 in