Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickups. Custom Made, hand wound, with a kicking sound. High quality custom pickups with fantastic sound and great appearance.

The Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickup (TAP) is a major advancement in pickup bobbin technology, without having to resort to complex circuits or active electronics. This new bobbin allows for manufacturers to achieve the desired tone in a new way, beyond the standard approaches like wire thickness, bobbin thickness, magnet type, and wind count. This provides greater flexibility in manufacturing, and ultimately better tone overall.

Taking a modular approach takes this flexibility one step further, putting the control in the hands of the guitarist. Imagine being able to swap out one of the bobbins on your pickup without having to change the entire pickup, possibly without even having to take the pickup out. Imagine being able to adjust the configuration of the TAP whenever you like. Guitarists the world over already swap magnets from their pickups, why not take it one step further? This is the kind of freedom and flexibility we strive for at Elysian Guitars & Pickups.

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