Who is Elysian Pickups?

Elysian Pickups is a small Austin based company run and owned by Adam Bath. The company specializes in custom pickups that feature the patented Tuned Aperture bobbin technology (Pat. No. 9,626,948) that produces a clear crisp sound that can pick up the high and low strings. Each pickup is hand wound and custom made for each order. High end hand touch that will make every guitar pop with looks and sound.

What is “Tuned Aperture?”

The Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickup (TAP) is a major advancement in pickup bobbin technology, without having to resort to complex circuits or active electronics. This new bobbin allows for manufacturers to achieve the desired tone in a new way, beyond the standard approaches like wire thickness, bobbin thickness, magnet type, and wind count. This provides greater flexibility in manufacturing, and ultimately better tone overall. When dealing with guitar pickups, most people think of the aperture as the magnetic field. However, there’s another aperture on pickups, and that’s the spool of wire itself. That hole in the middle of the spool, commonly referred to as air space, is never considered when building a pickup. The patented Tuned Aperture bit shown (right) takes advantage of this oversight, and gives your pickups a sound you never thought possible. Tight, focused, present bass, without getting muddy. Cleaner treble and boosted upper mids, without sounding shrill. Balanced volume across the strings. Your tone, without compromise, no batteries or complicated electronics required. All of these things are possible with just a minor modification in the winding phase of the pickup build. All of this is included in every Tuned Aperture Pickup. TAP into your tone, and never listen to pickups the same way again!